CoPA Co-Op Reopens!

fashion-era.comFor the last 6 years, Erin of dressaday has been hosting a co-op to join the Commercial Pattern Archives (CoPA).

This year, I’ve been taking over the handling of the set up, and we have open slots if you want to join the group.  This is a really awesome site, for those that are into patterns, especially vintage.

If you’re interested, join here.

One response

  1. I clicked on your link to get the name of the sewing machine repair shop in Memphis. I live near Nashville, TN but drive through there fairly often on my way to Arkansas. Would like to know where to find such generous people. Second, I just read your blog about being who you are which is not being mean enough to be famous and prolific. I feel your vibe. I wish you the best in finding opportunities to express yourself while being yourself. Social media presents only a sliver of the reality, which must work for some personalities. We can both “look forward to seeing well being and opportunity all around.” Maybe soon, maybe not. I will read more of your blog to get a sense of what you like.


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